I am a 39 year old artist living and working in New York City. I divide my time between;

  1. working as an Instructor of art and design, which affords me the time to
  2. work on my art practice as well as
  3. spend time with myself, my friends, family, associates, and strangers.

I am presently focused on integrating the three ways I divide my time into one sustainable way of working and living.

My approach to art making aims to bridge sculpture and performance by establishing unique social and mechanical systems that produce objects and artifacts. Often the product is secondary in importance to my interaction with the public, the invented system and its performance.  

The starting point of my process is participating in everyday social interactions, such as focusing on a task with colleagues, engaging in casual conversation, or relaxing with a friend. From these exchanges I look for ways to harness the energy we expend and refocus it to create a unique action or object while not losing the everyday essence of the interaction. 

Ultimately I hope that these art objects and actions will provide enjoyment and useful insight into the interchangeable spaces between labor and leisure, art and utility.


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