The Art Moving Art Project or AMAP (in progress) is primarily designed to move art (drawings from ’05-’08) out of my (Michael Berens’) studio. I encourage visitors to touch and handle the drawings, when they comment that they like one I simply tell them they can have it. Some people are uneasy with this proposition and insist that we make an exchange of some sort. I generally try to be as accommodating as possible; if paying for it makes them comfortable I let them, if they seem like they want me to talk them into accepting it as a gift, I do that. Whatever the situation the primary design of the project is to move art.

The three things I ask of participants are;

1.That they allow me to take a photo of them holding their recent acquisition.

2.That I have rights to the photo and can archive it online.

3. That we exchange emails so we can contact each other in the future.